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It’s a simple fact – yoga is good for you, tea is good for you – the two are a natural healthy pairing.

Everyone has their own reason for practicing yoga – ranging from improved flexibility, strength, breath control to help calm oneself, improved posture and stress relief.


Like yoga the benefits of tea go back centuries, and the famous tea ceremony of Japan highlights the Zen tranquility, which a warming cup of tea in the right setting can offer. Tea also offers many diverse health benefits including being rich in antioxidants and high in vitamin C; it’s also known to reduce inflammation, boost metabolism and aid the immune system. However unlike the hit of caffeine that coffee provides, the effect of tea is a gentler ‘kick’ on the body’s system, as the caffeine is released over a longer period of time. The energizing effect of a refreshing cup of tea is similar to that feeling after the reflective ‘Savasana’ period in yoga, where you come away feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Of course yoga and tea provide health benefits separately, but there is no doubt that combining the two elevates some of those individual benefits.  For example, yoga improves circulation, and having a better circulatory system will aid the distribution of anti-oxidants found in tea. Orange Pekoe’s knowledge of teas is unrivalled. The iconic black tins, which line the walls of its Tea Room, contain loose-leaf teas in their purest form. Sourced from around the world, each handpicked flavour offers a refreshing combination of delicate ingredients and diverse health benefits.

Marianna from Orange Pekoe has picked 6 teas from the Orange Pekoe range for our Tea and Yoga Series led by Heidy, with each flavour designed to complement a key move that Heidy practices. Some of the handpicked teas include warming ginger and lemon which will complement the feeling you achieve after completing a series of Sun Salutations. Whilst Moroccan Mint Green tea which is an expert blend of China Gunpowder and whole spearmint leaves produces a refreshing and invigorating infusion reflecting the strong “Warrior II’ pose. In contrast, the comforting flavours of Jasmine Bai Mao Huo Green Tea with its sweet delicate flavour are akin to that of the gentle ‘Child’s Pose’.


The aroma of tea will welcome you before each session and participants will then have the opportunity after the yoga class to taste the tea and learn more about its ingredients and benefits. Each ‘Tea Yogi’ will also receive a complimentary Orange Pekoe Christmas gift pack as part of the course. Join us for the natural pairing of yoga and tea where you will the gain the physical benefits of 6 continuous yoga sessions, and expand your knowledge on the well being benefits that 6 Orange Pekoe teas can offer you.



Course details:
£45 for x6 one hour sessions, at the Bulls Head in Barnes
Running Thursday mornings from 10 Nov – 15 Dec , 9.30-10.30am
Places are limited so we strongly advise booking soon.

To book your space or for more information please email info@thevine.london
#thevinelondon  @snapthevine