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It all started in April 2006 from our founder Marianna’s passion and love of tea along with the realisation that quality tearooms where you could enjoy fine teas and reap the advice of tea experts were few and far between in London.

Since then we have turned our passion into reality. From 2008 where we were first recognized as “London’s Best Tea Room” to May 2016 where Tatler listed us as one of London’s Top Destinations for Afternoon Tea.

We have a simple formula, we love tea and everything about it. We aim to encompass the spirit of tea in all we do and extend this to the kindness and inclusion we want our visitors to feel the minute they step in our door.

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary we have updated our website with a whole new look and feel! Keep in touch by reading our latest blog posts so you can see what we’re up to. You can also sign up to our newsletter to receive monthly updates and be the first to hear about our new online tea store that goes live this summer. It’s all so exciting! Happy Anniversary to us!

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