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These days the white stuff in your coffee is not always milk, as you know it. When Orange Pekoe opened 10 years ago the milk market was very different, with dairy milk being the daily drop of choice. Changes in lifestyle and health, means that a whole new range of non-dairy alternatives now sits alongside the humble pint in your fridge.

All our Orange Pekoe milks are new, and selected after extensive research, testing and tasting and even visits to trade shows to compare notes with other leading barista’s!

However with new milks comes a new understanding on how to treat them when making the perfect coffee. First comes the cold taste test – would you be able to drink a glass of the new white stuff if it wasn’t heated in your coffee?


Then once we’ve sourced the best alternative, making it behave in our latte’s and Flat White’s in order to make the best coffee, is a whole other story! A different set of technical expertise is required from our barista’s to make a good non-dairy coffee.

Bonsoy was our soya milk of choice. Widely agreed to be the best soya milk on the market – the taste is exceptional and any leading barista will tell you this.  It creates the ULTIMATE soya latte in taste and texture – not too sweet & lower acidity than other soya milks.

Oat and almond milk are our other two non – dairy milks on offer. For our almond milk we looked to Rude Health, which has been championing natural alternative foods since 2005; so if anyone knows how to make exceptional almond milk – these guys do

Oatly is our brand of choice for our oat milk coffee drinkers out there. This Swedish company is at the forefront of oat milk expertise, and we now stock their specially crafted ‘Oatly Foamable Oat Milk’, which isn’t overly sweet or heavy making it ideal for beautiful foam on top of your coffee.

However down on the farm things are being shaken up too! People talk about the importance of ‘traceability’ in the food we eat. We believe at Orange Pekoe that this ethos should be applied to every aspect of your diet, including your daily coffee.

With this in mind we went on the hunt for ‘real’ milk where the taste reflects the care and craft that has gone into making it.  Like everything else when you buy organic or local, you pay that little bit extra for that quality – your milk is no different.

Our research led us to Goodwood milk which hails from the Goodwood estate (home of the Earl and Countess of March), the farm is one of the largest lowland organic farms in the UK and has the first 100 per cent organically fed dairy herd in the country.


Home to over 200 mostly shorthorn cows, this breed originated in the 16th century and is renowned for the high quality milk they produce. The herd is organic and predominately pasture fed for most of the year and this care and attention shows through in the look and taste of Goodwood milk; with the carotene of the grass giving it a delicious deep cream colour, and a naturally sweeter flavour, with a frothier longer lasting foam on top.

So as you can see we’ve been on a big journey the last few months! Not just any journey but a journey to discover and understand what and who makes the best milks, which will ultimately make the best coffee for you, our customers. So, the next time you come to Orange Pekoe for your coffee you may savour it even slightly more knowing the expertise and time that has gone into your humble cup.

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