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If you’ve been to Orange Pekoe recently you may have noticed the pretty little jars of Barnes Bees Honey on our shelves…

This special honey is being served with a number of dishes including our warm banana bread and toasted crumpets. Barnes Bees Honey is made within a 5-mile radius of Orange Pekoe by passionate beekeepers Camilla and Nichole, who started Barnes Bees as a social enterprise dedicated to educating our local community about the importance of pollination.


We wanted to understand more about how we get this product on our shelves and share it with our customers. We were lucky enough to visit one of the local secret gardens where one of their beehives is kept. We learnt that to produce one teaspoon of this magic honey a Barnes Bee needs to collect pollen from around 30,000 flowers – that’s no mean feat! Honey bees are known to be the most important pollinator of around 70 different food crops in the UK, which means that around one third of the food we consume daily relies on the work carried out by these yellow and black-striped creatures. Raw honey contains a range of vitamins and it’s been proven that ingesting a teaspoon of raw, local honey per day reduces the effects of season allergies. It was a truly fascinating and educational experience which has only further fuelled our passion for bring you this special honey.



Pop into Orange Pekoe to pick up your jar of Barnes Bees Honey. Please note stock is limited and seasonal.
To find out more visit Barnes Bees.