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Turmeric Tea, Turmeric Latte or Turmeric Juice? We are loving this Super Spice.

There is so much food press and social media attention on turmeric as a super spice right now, and as your Instagram feed will show you – Turmeric or Golden Latte is the new cult drink in Café Culture. However long before turmeric was the hottest ingredient of 2017 it can claim to be an integral ingredient for Ayurvedic medicine, with people using its diverse healing powers for over 1000 years.

So turmeric is far more than the humble jar of coloured curry powder found in most kitchen cupboards. It’s a powerful food that possesses potent anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-oxidant boosters, and its benefits are far reaching for the young and old.  It’s known to help fight colds and flu as well as soothing arthritic aches and pains. This versatile spice not only benefits you physically but it is also described as a ‘brain tonic’ in that it can help improve concentration and treat depression.

We love this super spice so much we have launched three new drinks with Turmeric as the key ingredient.


Turmeric Latte also known as a Golden Latte
High in energy and a great source of natural fibre. We make ours with almond milk to produce this delicious warm, comforting, sweet and slightly spicy drink. If you love our Chai Latte you will love this drink. It is 100% caffeine free so suitable for both adults and children.

Turmeric and Coconut Tea also known as Golden Tea
This tea is sweet and warming and has a slight aniseed tone to it. Again 100% caffeine free and so suitable for both children and adults.

Immune Boost Turmeric Juice
It’s fresh pressed to order and made with turmeric root, carrots, orange and celery.  It’s a super healthy concoction which is cleansing, vitamin packed and most importantly contains the vital ingredient of turmeric .

As you know sourcing the right high quality products to make our drinks is of the utmost importance to us at Orange Pekoe. We take great pride in working with suppliers who share our values of providing quality and ethically sourced ingredients.

Taka Turmeric is such a company – a mother and daughter team inspired by the mother’s long-standing experience as an Ayurvedic nurse specialising in pain relief. Her passion for health, nutrition and the benefits of turmeric formed the basis of their small family-run company which provide us with our new amazing Turmeric Latte Mix and Turmeric & Coconut Tea Blend.

With it’s sunny colour, warming flavour and beneficial health properties turmeric is a bright addition to our Orange Pekoe menu . Come in and try our Golden Latte, Turmeric Tea and Immune Boost Turmeric Juice and tell us which ones your favourite!